• Design and development of electronic constructions
  • Software development for microcontrollers, mobile devices and personal computers.
  • PCB design.
  • Prototype production capabilities.
  • Full PCB assembly
  • Counseling services for product certification, (CE, EMC, LVD).

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A detailed description of some of our products and applications follows here:

 - AUDO 100. Driving and controlling card for automatic lift door.

  • 24VDC to 100W motor driving.
  • "Smart" encoder implementation on the DC motor so that the door's speed and position is controlled at any time.
  • Emergency open and evacuation though the use of a simple battery.
  • Integrated socket for the use of photo-curtain photo cell ( single or double), on the AUDO 100 card so no extra card is needed.
  • AUDO 100 can be used on a central or telescopic door of up to 8 parts.
  • Simplified programming by the use of press- keys.
  • Relay for obstruction,open and closed door.

 - HK2 LED power supply for traffic lights

  • LED power supply for Red, Green and Yellow traffic lights.
  • Power up to 15W LED output.
  • Design and production according to the European EN-12368 protocol.
  • "Virtual load" capability.

- Card for solar collector air heater

  • Power input through a variety of solar panels.
  • Output control for optimum room heating.
  • Renewable energy source with no extra operation cost.

 - BLD100 Sound traffic signal for blind people.

  • In accordance to the latest Ministry Rulings and regulations.
  • Triggering by remote control or the button on the traffic post.
  • Variable sounds depending on the type of the crossroad.

 - Emeter. Error meter for power meters on the national power grid

  • Error calculation on three-phase and single-phase power meter.
  • Accuracy of 0.5% or better
  • Tested on various installations.

- SoftwareLift - Lift function and supervision simulator

  • Remote lift control and supervision.
  • Event recoding.
  • Lift function programming.